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Let Blais Massage Therapeutics
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Individualized care suited to your needs, utilizing Swedish, Neuromuscular, and Sports Massage.

30 Minute $40

60 Minute $75 

 90 Minute $115

Here is a list of symptoms that Blais Massage can help you feel relief from.

  • Massage can help reduce the effects of physical, emotional and mental stress of daily life.
  • Massage can improve circulation – flushing out toxins.
  • Massage can help increase oxygen and nutrients to tissues and cells, boosting energy.
  • Massage can help reduce recovery time from the effects of stress or injury.
  • Massage can be used in conjunction with other therapies.
  • Massage can help improve outlook, concentration and focus.
  • Massage can help increase range of motion.
  • Massage can help enhance sports training with improved performance.
  • Massage can help reduce back pain, headaches, neck pain and other injuries.
  • Regular massage can help diminish effects of repetitive movement and stress.

Styles of Massage and What They Can Do For You.


Swedish Massage is flowing, kneading strokes called effleurage and petrissage. Wonderfully relaxing, soothing, unwinding. Swedish massage is a great stress reducer.

Neuromuscular Massage is deep pressure applied to specific muscles and tissue to release pressure and trigger points of biomechanical stress. Neuromuscular massage is a good injury reduction.

Sports Massage is compression, stretching, cross fiber pressure across the tissue. Sports massage is good for injuries, improved performance, invigorating.

Massage treatments are done in a private quiet environment with relaxing music. Throughout the table massage you will be draped with a sheet, only the area being treated is uncovered. Lotion or essential oils are usually used. A typical full body massage will include work on your neck, head, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet and back.

Seated Massage is done at your location (call for booking). Seated massage is done on a massage chair which can be taken to your office. No sheets or oils needed for a seated massage. Seated massage is performed over your clothing in ten to twenty minute increments. Combining Swedish, pressure points and finishing with invigoration strokes, it loosens your tense muscles as it increases circulation. You feel refreshed and ready to focus on your work. It can reduce pain associated with chronic job-related conditions.

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